Seven Training Principles of the Highly Efficient Martial Artist

For years, serious Tang Soo Do practitioners have traveled to California from around the world to learn Grandmaster Ah Po's "Seven Training Principles" that enable anyone to become a world-class martial artist and also successful in life. And now, for the first time, those seven training principles are available to you in this video. They include:

The program is organized around ten original Tang Soo Do combination sets developed by Grandmaster Ah Po. The techniques included in the combinations are generic to most "hard style" Karate systems. However, the video's primarily focuses on introducing serious martial arts students and practitioners from all disciplines, to Grandmaster Ah Po's unique training and teaching methods which are incorporated in the seven training principles listed above. These training principles, which were previously only shared with Grandmaster Ah Po's personal students, are now be available to you.