The Responsibilities of Dans

  1. Commit to the understanding that your first responsibility as a Dan is to continue accepting and fulfilling your responsibilities as a "student";
  2. Conduct yourself in a manner that is worthy of being looked at, listened to, recorded, and imitated by students both inside and outside of the Dojang, and in a manner that is indicative of your status as a sincere martial artist and human being;
  3. Practice what you preach, teach and encourage students to promote Tang Soo Do, their class, Region, Instructor, and the Grandmaster and Association;
  4. Concentrate on what you practice and teach and develop a "higher level of conscious awareness" for your surroundings and of those you come in contact with; and
  5. Evolve by continuing to develop your character and by fostering the development of "creativity" to further promote, perpetuate, and enhance the martial art of Tang Soo Do.