Accessing Grandmaster Ah Po

Historical Perspective

Over the past 40 years, Grandmaster Ah Po has been well known for making himself accessible and readily available worldwide to other martial artists and martial arts organizations to share his extensive knowledge, expertise and unique insights of the martial arts.

Members of the Tang Soo Do Martial Way Association, Inc. have come to recognize Grandmaster Ah Po is renowned as "a living legend" in the martial arts and is valued as such by those who wish to acquire his services to access his knowledge. Due to increasingly high demand and special requests made by those wishing to engage his services, the Tang Soo Do Martial Way Association, Inc. has appointed a personal Event Coordinator to handle all inquiries and scheduling, providing all with greater access to Grandmaster Ah Po.

The following provides information on the types of services provided, with financial arrangements and terms and conditions that we feel are reasonable in acting on his behalf, given the types of unique services he is able to provide and also the amount of time that these engagements require which invariably requires him to travel, spend time away from home, his family, his dojang and the members of our association.

Types of Services Available

As previously stated, Grandmaster Ah Po is recognized world-wide for his expertise and extensive knowledge of the martial arts, particularly Tang Soo Do. He is constantly being sought after for his technical skills and teaching methods, as well as for his vast knowledge of martial arts history, philosophy, and principles. He is also well known for his expansive knowledge of the practice of Chi Gong (Ki) and for his unique demonstrations on this subject. The following is a brief listing of various topics and subject matter that he is available to lecture, teach or provide consultation(s) on:

Contacting Grandmaster Ah Po

For information on how to engage Grandmaster Ah Po for any of the services listed above please call, e-mail or write to:

Grandmaster Ah Po's Event Coordinator
5504 Oak River Court
Carmichael, CA 95608
P: (916) 487-0544

Terms & Conditions

The following represents terms and conditions associated with engaging Grandmaster Ah Po's professional services:

Right of Refusal & Protocol Requirements

Grandmaster Ah Po, his authorized agents and the Tang Soo Do Martial Way Assoc., Inc. reserve the right to refuse any of the services described above for any reason that he may deem appropriate.

In addition, all potential clients who are currently under the jurisdiction of an Instructor or Master Instructor or who are members of a martial arts organization that has jurisdiction over them, must first get written consent from their Instructor or the appropriate martial arts organization before they will be allowed to enter into a contractual service agreement with Grandmaster Ah Po.

Special Guest Appearances and Visitations

As previously stated, Grandmaster Ah Po may also be contacted to arrange for guest appearances and visitations to special martial arts events and activities without compensation. However, it should be noted that it is customary for the Invitee in such situations to provide necessary travel, meals, accommodations and amenities for Grandmaster Ah Po.

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